What decks do you use?

I use James R. Eads 3rd Edition Prisma Visions Tarot Deck (or The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit Oracle Deck with clients who are uncomfortable with the Tarot itself). Feel free to research either to see if the imagery fits for you.

What can we talk about during Peer Support?

We talk about the topics you want to cover! Integrating Tarot is an option here too, if that is of interest. Here are some common things:

  • Navigating and learning how to be in queer relationships when you've never had a model of what it can be
  • Discussing family and how they have/haven't accepted your full identity
  • Self-check-ins: how are you doing? what has you concerned? how can you take care of your Self? is there something you want to plan for?
  • Accepting your Self as a queer trans or non-binary person and navigating the process of inviting others to learn that about you

Is there anything you won't give a reading on?

Yes! Thank you for asking, I follow a strict self-imposed code of ethics and I ask that you do not make requests for readings of any medical, legal, financial, or business matters. Please seek the appropriate professionals for these matters. Below are some examples of what these might contain, but are in no way the full list. I reserve the right to refuse a reading without explanation at any time. Medical: I will not read about whether you or a loved one will die, come down with illness, recover from illness, have successful surgery/treatments, etc. Legal: I will not read about whether legal proceedings will turn in your/a loved one's favour, settlement outcomes, criminal proceedings/outcomes, etc. Financial: I will not read about whether money is coming your way or if you will lose a lot of money in the future. Ie. inheritances, lottery, gambling, stocks, etc. Business: I will not read about whether your business will become a "success" or "failure", if you need to invest in something or turn your focus away from something, I will not give any sort of business advice. If you determine, from your own interpretation, that the cards drawn are related to medical, legal, financial, or business matters, that decision is your responsibility alone. The steps you take or don't take, related to the cards are completely of your own violition as a person with free will.

Is Peer Support a replacement for mental health care?

Technically, no. However, Peer Support is a great supplementary practice to add onto any mental health care you already receive. You are responsible for making the choices needed to fully support your mental health and wellness. If I find that the care you need is beyond the care I can provide, I may reccommend you seek out another professional. I am happy to help you in your search by providing directories or other resources for you research.