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50 mins
$85 to $140 CAD
80 mins
$160 to $220 CAD
Sliding Scale

Together we will create something magical. Exploring your past as it affects your present, let's uncover the patterns that are no longer serving you. Grounded in Person-Centred Therapy and Anti-Oppressive oriented, I integrate a mind & body focus with the tarot to create a space where you can explore your sensitivity, queerness, and Loving.

50 min sessions are the standard if you are seeing me weekly, bi-weekly, or are looking for short accountability check-ins once a month after we have worked together for some time.

80 min sessions are an option for folks who want monthly in-depth sessions or want a longer supplement as one of their weekly or bi-weekly sessions. I do not do 80 min sessions more than once a month for each client.

Peer Support

50 mins
A - $130 | B - $100 | C - $80
80 mins
A - $210 | B - $170 | C - $130

Peer Support is an act of compassionate community care and mutual aid. It is rooted in abolitionist ideas of community response and support networks. Based on lived experience and understanding one another, let's explore how we as individuals are living in a system that wasn't made for us. Through Peer Support my personal aim is to help you find/create/uncover the supports you need today to thrive.

50 min sessions are the standard for most folks. Whether you are looking for a one-off planning session or are seeing me on a more regular basis, this is most common.

80 min sessions are an option for those who know they need a bit of extra time to process or get into the topic they want to discuss. Similar to Counselling, I do not offer 80 min sessions more than once a month per person.



30 mins Reading
A - $80 | B - $60 | C - $40 CAD
Traded services available for folks marginalized by society.

30-minute readings are usually for small topics or 2-3 focused questions. For any time you need a bit of guidance on something that you've been pondering and would like to explore through the lens of Tarot and it's rich imagery.


The Tarot is a way of connecting to our internal knowing. I tend to take a collaborative approach in reading the cards and welcome any insights you immediately see in or have from the cards drawn. I have been reading the Tarot since 2016, at first for myself and friends, and then for clients out of a cafe near my home. My pursuit of a career in counselling was born out of my love of Tarot, and it still holds a dear place in my heart.

15 mins Reading

Free for folks who have been marginalized by society and cannot afford another offering.

Please note, I work with LGBTQ2s+ folks even in my Tarot offerings and be mindful of contacting me for this offering if you are cis and allohet.




What is my first step to book with you?

Counselling: Please book a phone consultation. Tarot: Use my contact form with a brief description of what you would like to explore. Please be sure to specify that you are looking for a Tarot Reading. I will get back to you within 2 business days, and let you know what our steps are.

How do your services work during COVID-19?

As my practice as a whole has been affected by social distancing and isolation measures, I am unable to see clients in person at this moment. Instead, I see clients through the following means: Counselling Sessions via:

  • Video: Speakbox (preferred)
  • Video: Google Meet (for auto generated captions)
  • Video: Zoom
  • Phone Call (if you want to get away from screens or find your internet connection lags too much for video)
    • We can switch up the method of session delivery at any time, just contact me ahead of session!
  • Written transcription of my interpretation of the cards I've drawn for you + photos sent via email or Whatsapp
  • Phone Call with photo of cards sent via email or Whatsapp afterwards
  • Video Call Interpretation (via any method available for Counselling)

From which geographic locations can you take counselling clients?

I am able to see Counselling Clients from Canada (except Quebec and Ontario). Any Clients who are seeing me from outside of British Columbia, acknowledge that services provided are based in BC, Canada and thus any court processes that you may wish to sue me for will be done through the Courts of BC. For folks who are outside of Canada, however, the service I provide is not as a Counsellor but of Peer Support. This is because I am registered as a Counsellor within Canada alone and am not seeking registration or licensure in places outside of Canada. Please read the Peer Support tab for more details to see if this offering is something that aligns with you.

How can I sponsor your Clients who access your services at low cost?

Thank you for your interest in this equity measure! If you are a Client of financial means/privilege feel free to inquire about sponsoring another Client who is currently accessing lower cost counselling.

  • This means that in addition to paying my full rate, you would pay an extra amount of your choosing
  • If I do not currently have a Client who is accessing my services at reduced cost or on my waitlist whom I can take, I will post to my social media that I have space for a reduced fee Client.
    • You will not be named as the sponsor in this post for your confidentiality by default and to avoid creating a dual relationship between you and any potential clients.
NOTE: This does not mean you will be privy to any of their session information or what they are working on with me, their sessions are completely confidential between myself and them. It is just a method of equity that I have in place so that I can continue to offer sessions to Clients who cannot afford the cost of counselling. If you are not a Client but would still like to sponsor a Client or the work I do, you can donate either:

How do I know which price (A, B, C) is right for me?

Here are some questions to reflect on to help you find the right fit for price. You might answer questions of different categories with a yes, finding yourself in between categories. At the end of the day, however, you know your financial situation best and should be the one to choose. If you need more things to reflect on, read this article to learn more about sliding scale. A - My full/going rate for each offering. Things to consider:

  • Are you meeting all your basic needs on a regular basis &/or with ease?
  • Are you able to pay your bills/rent on time?
  • Do you have savings or extra income?
  • Do you take trips or vacations without burden each year?
  • Are you able to consider this offering without needing to consult your budget or finances?
B - My mid-range offering. Things to consider:
  • Do you stress about meeting your basic needs and are still meeting them a majority of the time?
  • Do you have stable housing or a personal vehicle?
  • Do you have debt and are able to make the payments?
  • Do you buy items new & used when needed?
  • Are you able to take trips or vacations if you plan for them?
C - My lowest priced offering. Things to consider:
  • Do you struggle to meet your basic needs?
  • Do you have instability in your housing or rent a low-end property?
  • Are you unemployed or using government assistance to meet needs (EI, disability, etc.)?
  • Do you rarely buy items new?
  • Are you unable to take trips, vacations, or time off due to your financial situation?
  • Would you be unable to access this offering without this fee available to you?


Do you integrate Tarot with Counselling?

If you desire it, yes! Just let me know during our consult call or one of our sessions following. There are separate forms we will need to go over to include this method into our sessions, and I can answer any further questions around the Tarot as a tool then. Some common ways I integrate it are:

  • As a ritual to start or end our sessions
  • Whenever you request it
  • Whenever I have an intuitive pull to bring out the cards (you are still free to decline regardless)
When Tarot is a part of Counselling sessions, the sliding scale and traded services for Standalone Tarot Readings does not apply. For Counselling with Tarot integrated I can only receive monetary payment.

Do you offer sliding scale?

Yes, here are some more details. If you are interested in sliding scale services for counselling, just mention this during the Consult Call and we will discuss the details to discover what that looks like. My range of fees are listed above. If you find that you can pay somewhere in between the minimum and going rate, please let me know so that I can keep the minimum rate spots open for folks who would not be able to access counselling otherwise. If you would like some reflection questions to help you decide on a fee for counselling that works for you, there is a list in the General section under the question titled: How do I know which price (A, B, C) is right for me? That can be used for the same purpose.

Will my insurance cover our work together?

At this time I cannot accept insurance. This is due to me being a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor- candidate with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. As a candidate I am not yet a full member and thus our work together is not covered by insurance companies.

Tarot & Oracle

What free offerings do you have for Tarot?

If you cannot afford a reading and are part of a population of marginalized folks (LGBTQIA2s+, disabled, QTBIPOC) use my Contact Form to schedule 15-min free reading no questions asked.

For a no cost (or donation based) 30 min reading I accept trades of services or products as well. Contact me with your offer, I am most likely to accept.

What decks do you use?

I use James R. Eads 3rd Edition Prisma Visions Tarot Deck (The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit Oracle Deck with clients who are uncomfortable with the Tarot itself). Feel free to research either to see if the imagery fits for you.

If you have your own deck that you would like to use in a counselling session that is welcomed! We don't have to use my cards if you already have a relationship with a deck that you love.

Peer Support

How does Peer Support differ from Counselling?

Just like with Counselling I ground myself in my lived experience and my identities. Unlike Counselling, I remove labels like "counsellor & client" and we approach each other as peers going through similar struggles. There tends to have more reciprocal or mutual sharing than with Counselling, and less digging into the past to uncover patterns. We may touch on topics that relate to your history, though as it whole it is more present and future based.

Who is Peer Support for?

Peer Support is for people who are based outside of Canada, or are living in Quebec or Ontario, due to the difference in regulation for Counsellors. It is also for anyone within Canada who wants a different kind of support. Whether because they are a professional themselves, or an individual who wants a more reciprocal conversation.

What do we do during Peer Support?

Just like in Counselling, we talk about the topics you want to cover! Integrating tarot is an option here too, if that is of interest. Here are some common things I talk about with anyone I work with: - navigating and learning how to be in queer relationships when you've never had a model of what it can be - discussing family and how they have/haven't accepted your full identity - self-check-ins: how are you doing? what has you concerned? how can you take care of your Self? is there something you want to plan for? - accepting your Self as a queer trans or non-binary person and navigating the process of inviting others to learn that about you

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I acknowledge that I am breathing, practicing, and enjoying the traditional unceded territory of the səl̓ilwətaɁɬ təməxʷ (Tsleil-Waututh), Skwxwú7mesh-ulh Temíx̱w (Squamish), S’ólh Téméxw (Stó:lō), Stz'uminus, and šxʷməθkʷəy̓əm  (Musqueam) peoples, otherwise known as Burnaby, BC.

Photos of Maverick taken by Richelle Seki of www.photographyonburrard.com.

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