Peer Support

In pursuit of Queer Healing.

Let's hold each other with care and tenderness to experiment and discover what your joy, play, and desire look like.

What is Queer Healing?

Queer Healing is about whatever YOU as a queer person, need to thrive in this world. It's about accepting the parts of yourself that you want to Love. About challenging and transmuting the parts that are holding you back. It's about embodiment and wholeness.

The Foundations

Person-Centred work is important to me because I believe in approaching you as the expert in your life. Only you know your life as intimately as you do and can make the choices that align with your core. I believe that you have all the wisdom within and around you that you need.


My commitment to Anti-Oppression is integral because I do not want to perpetuate harm as we pursue healing together. If the space I am creating is meant to facilitate support and growth but continues to replicate patterns and beliefs society uses to oppress us, how can I work with integrity? I want to affirm, celebrate, and welcome your identity, not disregard it.

What is Peer Support?

It's a conversation where sharing from our lived experiences and personal life is welcomed on both sides, because we know we both get it. You may talk about something you went through, and I'll share a similar experience.

It's not focused on symptoms, illness, or "what's wrong with you?" but instead focused on questions like:

  • "what does joy, rest, or play look like for you?"

  • "how do you want to share yourself with the world?"

At the end of the day, Peer Support is a conversation about exploration and experimentation as we navigate this life. I don't have the answers for you, but I do want to help you find your answers.

How are sessions conducted?

Video: Speakbox (preferred)

Phone Call (if you want to get away from screens or find your internet connection lags too much for video)

We can switch up the method of session delivery at any time, just contact me ahead of session!


50 mins

A - $140 | B - $110 | C - $85

The standard for most folks. Whether you are looking for a one-off session or are seeing me on a more regular basis, this is the usual.

80 mins

A - $210 | B - $170 | C - $140

If you know you'll need a bit of extra time to process or get into the topic. I do not offer 80 min sessions more than once a month per person to honour my own capacity.