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I've set up a Ko-Fi!

Updated: Apr 4

For some time I have had a process in place for my clients of financial privilege to sponsor other folks who see me on a sliding scale. Basically, they choose an extra fee to consistently add to their invoice that supports me in seeing other clients.⁠

However, I've been wondering how else I might be able to take on more clients who need low-cost services. How else they can be sponsored without depending on other clients (who themselves are marginalized by transness and more)?⁠

Through Ko-Fi anyone can donate as long as they have Paypal or a credit card. You can set up a recurring donation of your choosing to continually sponsor, or tip a one-time amount anytime you've learned or reflected on something via my Instagram.⁠

The funds donated will be used for several purposes:

💜 Supporting folks who are outside of my sliding scale, and accessing reduced rates for counselling

🤍 Having a fund for folks who need help getting earbuds with mics so that they can access online counselling

💚 Supporting a queer, nonbinary, Chinese counsellor (that's me!)

a side view photo of Maverick touching their wide brimmed black hat in front of a waterfall feature. They are wearing a bright yellow shirt, navy suspenders, and most importantly, a smile.
Photo by Richelle Seki of Photography on Burrard.

If there are folks interested in setting up monthly donations, please get in touch! Right now my Ko-Fi is just the free version. If there's enough support I'll upgrade the account so that it can receive monthly donations (its $6 USD/month).

Click the link to check it out:⁠ My Ko-fi

A cutout drawing depicting Maverick with square glasses, pierced ears, and a shaved head.

Maverick Lumen (they/them) is a Counsellor & Tarot reader who is passionate about seeing queer, trans, and non-binary clients receive the welcoming and understanding support they deserve. Their practice is founded on lived experience and anti-oppression, all while examining how the body and mind can be connected to uncover the stories that we have heard about and have told ourselves.

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