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Queer as a Safe Haven

Updated: Apr 4

Queer embraces us with its simultaneous vagueness and definitive identification. Uniting us under an umbrella of undeniable queerness. For users, we often have a shared experience of the many times have we had to validate our own identity to others. Whether it be cishet folks or others within the LGBTQIA2s+ community.⁠

Someone holds a whiteboard sign up to the viewer with "Hello my pronouns are" written in rainbow ink and then two blank lines with a slash between them.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Queer is beyond immediate understanding. When we say we are queer, no one immediately knows exactly how we identify. When I say I am queer and non-binary, it might be a little clearer to others but still vague, still unknown. Sometimes I don't want people to have the gratification of knowing where to place me in their categories. I don't want to play into respectability politics so that allocishet folks see me as an acceptable LGBTQIA2s+ person. Someone easy to be around, or doesn't challenge them. I will be honest and admit that I like seeing their discomfort when I use it with confidence, a reclamation in the face of those who would like to see me quiet.

It is under the umbrella of Queer that many of us find our safety.

If you use Queer to describe any part of your identity because of the affirmation it gives you, know that you are welcome. If Queer gives you a euphoric sense of being when you use it to describe your gender, know that you are Loved.

Let us embrace Queer with the same strength that Queer has embraced us.

[Image Description: Black font created from Maverick's own writing "It is under the Queer umbrella that many of us find our safety." is centred on a white strip across a soft, pastel green background. The tag queer lich is below in dark green teal of the same font.]

A cutout drawing depicting Maverick with square glasses, pierced ears, and a shaved head.

Maverick Lumen (they/them) is a Peer Support Worker & Tarot Reader who is passionate about seeing queer, trans, and non-binary clients receive the welcoming and understanding support they deserve. Their practice is founded on lived experience and anti-oppression, all while examining how the body and mind can be connected to uncover the stories that we have heard about and have told ourselves.

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