Tarot Offerings

Guidance for when you are seeking more than just an answer.

For when you desire an embodied check-in to uncover your next steps. Because nothing in life leads us to all the answers, and the Tarot allows for exactly that. 

Do you practice necromancy?

I believe that we can transform and change ourselves into whom we want to be. That we don't have to be stagnant beings throughout our lives. Most importantly, I believe in reviving the parts of ourselves that have been laying dead by allowing them to be expressed and live once more within us.

How I work with Tarot

I offer two forms of working with the Tarot, 30-minute readings and Spiritual Coaching (50 min sessions). The shorter ones are for quick questions or smaller topics. Longer sessions blend the intuitive reading of cards with coaching to help you integrate the reading in a tangible way. What do you want to take away? How do you want to move forward with this guidance?

NOTE: I do not provide legal, medical, or financial advice with the Tarot. If you are looking to ask questions about anything in this realm, I ask that you seek the appropriate professional help.

Is this fortune-telling? Will it all happen?

In short, no.


I do not use the Tarot as a way of predicting the future. I use the Tarot as a way of connecting to what you might want to explore, or getting guidance to a question you've been pondering. It might offer perspectives on something that is in the future and coming your way, but you still are able to use your own free will and choice. Tarot does not remove your sense of free will, nor is it 100% accurate.


Instead, it is about connecting to your inner self. Something your ancestors, spirit guides, or subconscious wants to bring to your attention. In my readings, I call upon my ancestors and guides to help me tap into what knowledge needs to come to the forefront, but sometimes things get tangled. If something doesn't make sense for you or doesn't land, you are allowed to discard it. Take what resonates and leave behind the rest!

How are Tarot Readings held?

A written transcription of my interpretation of the cards I've drawn for you + photos sent via email or Whatsapp

Phone Call with photos of the cards sent via email or Whatsapp afterwards

Video Call Interpretation (via Zoom, Speakbox, or Google Meet)


30 mins Reading

A - $80 | B - $60 | C - $40 CAD

Traded services available for folks marginalized by society.

Spiritual Coaching

A - $140 | B - $110 | C - $85 CAD

15 mins Reading

FREE for folks who have been marginalized by society and cannot afford another offering.

Please note, I work with LGBTQIA2s+ folks even in my Tarot offerings and be mindful of contacting me for this if you are cis and allohet.